Friday, July 28, 2006

Why Hoops TV?

I love watching basketball on TV and this will be a place where I post my thoughts on the games I get to catch. Since this is a blog, I would also post on things that fancy me but I would make it basketball related as much as I could. Basketball is a year round affair in Philippine television. During July to October we enjoy the local college leagues like the UAAP and the NCAA (Philippines). College games are shown from Wednesday to Sunday.

Once the college season is over, our professional basketball league, the PBA, and the amateur club league, the PBL, this time gets underway. PBA and PBL plays from November until early June. While all this is going on, we also enjoy the live NBA coverage everyday from November to June!

The Internet has also been becoming a place for basketball fans since lots of short video clips of great plays are being uploaded to websites like Youtube and Google Video so we will have them here as well. I love searching the web and finding free videos available online is really great. These videos are not mine but are uploaded by the users in those video upload services. I cannot guarantee however, that they always be there since changes in these sites happen sometimes.

Nothing fancy here. Just a hoops fan sharing.

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