Thursday, August 31, 2006

UAAP: A Sense of Urgency

We are down to the final week of the eliminations and so far we have seen the most exciting UAAP basketball in recent times. Since Sunday, three straight upsets have happened.

a.) UST beats Ateneo - UST broke the latter's unbeaten streak. This also paves the way for a final four as Ateneo loses the outright finals incentive.

b.) UST loses to UP - After looking very mighty against Ateneo, UST loses to cellar dweller UP in an exciting game. Talk about reversals.

c.) Adamson beats UE - Title favorite UE loses to final four contender Adamson, a team they had an easy time on opening day.

The Situation:

Accomplishments - Already has a final four spot and a twice-to-beat advantage.
Needs - other guys have to get involved in the final four and get a psychological edge coming into the playoffs.

Accomplishment - Achieved a final four spot.
Need - Get one win to secure a twice-to-beat advantage.

Accomplishment - 3 wins with a rookie laden lineup but out of the final four race.
Need: Get a good finish that could carry through next year. Get a good center.

Accomplishment - Great season. Still has an outside chance to get a final four ticket.
Needs - Win remaining two games. Hope that two out of the three teams (UST, Adamson and FEU) only get 5 wins.

Accomplishment - A game away from a final four slot.
Needs - Win against Adamson this Sunday. If they lose, hope that FEU loses to Ateneo on Thursday.

Accomplishment - A game away from a final four slot. Has two chances to get that win.
Need - Just win one out of the two remaining games.

Accomplishment - Got back to the thick of things in the final four race despite a horrible start.
Needs - Win against Ateneo on Thurday. If they lose, hope UST or Adamson end with just 5 wins.

Standings as of Sept. 1, 2006

Ateneo 8-1
UE 7-3
Adamson 5-5
UST 5-6
FEU 5-6
NU 3-7 -
UP 3-8

This is the current state of the UAAP.

Glenn McDonald: The Greatest Common Factor

The NBA and the PBA have their own games That they considered as their greatest ones. For the NBA it was the 1976 Game 5 finals while for the PBA it was Game 5 of the 1980 finals. These two greatest games have a common factor aside from being both game 5s, a player by the name of Glenn McDonald played on both games.

1976 Game 5 Triple Overtime - In this match, the Celtics and the Suns were playing for the championship. Dramatic scene after dramatic scene came in this most memorable of games. NBA enthusiasts still consider this one as the league's greatest of all-time. During the third overtime, three Celtics starters have already fouled out so they go to their bench. In that bench came a seldom used Glenn McDonald played and put the dagger into the hearts of the Phoenix Suns with crucial baskets to finally walk away with this classic game.

Celtics vs Suns Video Highlights

1980 Game 5 PBA Championship - Glenn McDonald comes to the Philippines, now as an import and plays for the U-Tex Wranglers. 2 years before, he actually helped this team win its very first PBA championship. U-Tex was playing against a powerhouse Toyota team at that time. This game will be considered as the greatest PBA game ever and will be dubbed as the longest 16 seconds for Toyota.

With just 16 seconds left, Toyota was up by four and U-Tex had the ball. Aaron James, Utex's other import, shot a good 18-footer to keep the game close. Toyota then made a big error and the ball was stolen by a very familiar character... Glenn McDonald. McDonald will be fouled and calmly sink two freethrows to tie the game and send it to overtime. Eventually, U-Tex will win this game enroute to their second PBA championship.

Two greatest games... one common factor, Glenn McDonald.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who He Play For?

In this very funny segment from TNT, Charles Barkley is being quizzed about certain players and what team do they belong. Maybe you could try answering the questions as well. How many did you get right?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Japeth Aguilar Interview

Japeth Aguilar, formerly of the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles, will be playing in the US NCAA for Western Kentucky in 2007. We wish Mr. Aguilar success in his new found home and we hope that he will be able to play and make a mark in the US NCAA and probably even get a shot at the NBA.

Here is a new interview of Japeth Aguilar. It is in two parts he discusses how he got to Western Kentucky and his thoughts about his present situation.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

Interview - Part 1

Interview - Part 2

Congratulations TEAM PILIPINAS!!!!!!!!!

Team Pilipinas has won the Brunei Cup by beating Australia 96-65. The Philippine team won all their games in this 9 day tournament and sported a 7-0 card. This will be the last tournament for the Philippines. We hope that the FIBA suspension will finally be lifted so that our boys can finally participate in a FIBA sanctioned event.

Anyway, still a mighty congratulations for this great accomplishment.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

From the Clutches of Defeat

basketball-until_duskJust like a basketball game, life is a series of ups and downs. Sometimes when we feel that we were at rock bottom we look for somebody to help us get out of this rut we find ourselves into. The helping hand could come in the form of assistance from a person, a new job or even an event. It’s when we can’t get out of a tough situation that we look for somebody, anybody to throw us a lifeline.

In basketball we have seen players occasionally defy the agony of losing. What makes the likes of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson or Reggie Miller standout in our minds whenever we talk about the greats of NBA basketball? Curiously, during NBA highlight programs we are rarely shown the number of trophies these players have won and even the number of championships they got are just mentioned as an afterthought. The more striking and dramatic parts of such programs come when we see these players do unbelievable things to win a ballgame. Games in which their teams had already one foot or even 90% of their bodies in the grave only to walk off the court jubilant and leave a crowd in disbelief of what they saw.

Do you remember when Bird stole the game against the Pistons? Of course you do. How about when Magic hit what he called as a “junior hook” to seal Game 4 of the NBA Finals? Just like you Bird didn’t expect Magic to take that shot. He knew that Kareem could beat them with one skyhook but not Magic. In Game 5 of the NBA Finals a visibly sick Michael Jordan scored 38 points and made the winning shot to lead the Bulls over the Jazz 90-88. In one of the most mind-boggling finishes in NBA history, Reggie Miller scored 8 straight points in 8.9 seconds to beat the Knicks by two 107-105 in the NBA playoffs. Tracy McGrady will top that off a few years later when he scored 13 points in the last 35 seconds to give Houston a buzzer beating win against San Antonio. These guys literally grabbed victory from the clutches of defeat.

Two thousand years ago a man saved his fellowmen not only from the grasp of defeat but death as well. He changed how the game of life shall be played.

I am talking about Jesus Christ.

Two thousand years ago man’s idea of saving his soul was to follow the law, do the traditions. It doesn’t matter what he does for others, it doesn’t matter what’s in his heart. As long as he follows the law like sacrificing animals for payment of his sins then he is ok. If you compare this to a basketball game, man was like going through the motions of the game, putting up jump shots, fancy dribbles because the game was almost over since either they are winning by a blowout or about to lose in the same fashion. However, by this time man was going through the motions not only in the final seconds but their whole lives. They felt that that their usual animal sacrifices would be enough to pay for their sins. Eternal defeat was certain until Jesus came to the picture.

You see God is a good and just God. In order for him to be just, God must punish the sinners like the faithless, degenerates, murderers, sex peddlers, sorcerers, idolaters and ALL LIARS. Liars? That means everybody right?

Like the great coach that He is God had a plan. He loves us so much that he won’t just let us go to hell. God sent in Jesus. The Son of God became man. Instead of punishing man Jesus absorbed the punishment. Instead of animals for sacrifice, it was Jesus who died for our sins. Jesus was there hanging and dying on the cross for us. Then the winning moment came in. Three days later Jesus was gone from His tomb and came back to life, while man’s sins are washed away. What a victory!

It was the greatest win in human history! Do you want to be a part of this ultimate victory? Do you want to receive that eternal life? It is simple as asking for forgiveness and accepting Jesus Christ into your heart. Read the links below…

Am I good enough to go to Heaven? The Ten Commandments and you

Is Jesus the Answer to Your Questions?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Niño Canaleta - The Best Filipino Dunker Today

The best homegrown Filipino dunker today is probably Niño Canaleta. He played for UE in the UAAP and is now playing for Air21 in the PBA. Watch his amazing dunks in the videos below!

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Law of Respect

I am currently reading John Maxwell's "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" and in this book he cites some basketball examples to demonstrate some leadership principles. In chapter four of this book he contends that people follow leaders stronger than themselves.

When Bill Walton joined coach John Wooden at UCLA he was wearing a beard. John Wooden has this one rule in the team prohibiting facial hair. Bill Walton though was strong willed as well and said that he wouldn't shave. John Wooden had just one answer "We'll miss you, Bill". Bill Walton eventually took off the beard and he and Wooden would win games together after that.

Bill Walton was a leader and yet he was just a young man and he needed a coach who was a stronger leader than he was so that he wouuld learn discipline at a most crucial stage in his young career.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Pistol Pete - Dribbling Skills

We now continue the Pistol Pete basketball drill series. He now talks about dribbling while running with the basketball. A very basic but useful skill to master.

Past Pistol Pete Videos: Career, Lesson 1, Lesson 2

Read Pistol Pete's Story

Thursday, August 24, 2006

FIBA Top 16

Only 16 teams are left after the preliminary round of the World Basketball Championships. There will be no games today (Aug. 25). The teams that qualify and their respective matches are shown below.

Aug. 26:
Argentina vs New Zealand
Italy vs. Lithuania
Turkey vs. Slovenia
Spain vs. Serbia

Aug. 27:
Germany vs. Nigeria
USA vs Australia
France vs. Angola
Greece vs. China

FIBA Basketball World Championship Medalists Men's Division

FIBA Basketball World Championship - Gallery of Winners

1. Argentina
2. United States of America
3. Chile

1. United States of America
2. Brazil
3. Philippines

1. Brazil
2. United States of America
3. Chile

1. Brazil
2. Yugoslavia
3. Soviet Union

1. Soviet Union
2. Yugoslavia
3. Brazil

1. Yugoslavia
2. Brazil
3. Soviet Union

1. Soviet Union
2. Yugoslavia
3. United States of America

1. Yugoslavia
2. Soviet Union
3. Brazil

1. Soviet Union
2. United States of America
3. Yugoslavia

1. United States of America
2. Soviet Union
3. Yugoslavia

1. Yugoslavia
2. Soviet Union
3. United States of America

1. United States of America
2. Russia
3. Croatia

1. Yugoslavia
2. Russia
3. United States of America

1. Serbia & Montenegro
2. Argentina
3. Germany

2006 SAITAMA, Japan
1. Spain
2. Dreece
3. United States of America

Source: FIBA World Champions

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

World Basketball Shocker! Lebanon Beats France 75-74

Lebanon wins against mighty France via 75-74 in the World Basketball Championships even if it played without its coach who stayed at the hotel because he was sick. Some will say that France was weakened when Tony Parker was injured but in its very first game, France gave Argentina a very tough time.

Remember that the Philippines swept Lebanon in its two game tune-up match when the latter visited in preparation for its campaign in Japan. Some say that the victories of the Philippine squad wasn't valid since it was a different Lebanese team out there. But upon the checking the lineups that played here and the lineup on the FIBA website for the official stats, this was practically the same team and the usual suspects delivered the telling blows against France. Plus the team we formed was a hastily assembled one and for it to go to toe-to-toe against a battle tested Lebanese unit (even with its second stringers) is already a tough matter in itself since in basketball, teamwork is of utmost importance.

Just goes to show that the Philippines could have had a chance at the World Basketball Championships if not for the disturbing politics that has invaded basketball. Of course it doesn't mean that if they defeated France that we can expect a win also. What the Lebanon win showed is that we can be competitive and with enough practice and support who knows what could happen?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Trick Shots 1: Jordan vs Bird for a Big-Mac

Here is a nice funny commercial from Larry Bird and Michael Jordan as they attempt unbelievable trick shots to win a Big-Mac. In the coming days more posts about trick shots will be made.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

2006 World Basketball Championship Highlights

Visit this section regularly since I will be posting video game summaries of matches we weren't able to catch here in the Philippines. Videos are from and r7bertpires at Youtube.

Spain vs Greece - Finals

China vs. Slovenia - Aug. 24

Lebanon vs. France - Aug. 23

Turkey vs. Brazil - Aug. 22

Serbia vs. Lebanon - Aug. 21

Argentina vs. Venezuela - Aug. 21

Spain vs. Panama - Aug. 20

Germany vs. New Zealand - Aug. 20

Spain vs. New Zealand - Aug. 19

Turkey vs. Lithuania - Aug. 19

The PBA Draft 2006

It was a very busy Sunday afternoon of Philippine basketball plus the FIBA World Championships during the night time. First off we will show the results the of the PBA draft.

1. Sta. Lucia- Kelly Williams (Oakland University)
2. Air21 - Arwind Santos (FEU)
3. Coke - Joseph Yeo (La Salle)
4. San Miguel - La Tenorio (Ateneo)
5. San Miguel - Gabby Espinas (PCU)
6. Sta. Lucia - Mark Isip (FEU)
7. Alaska - Aaron Aban (Letran)
8. Talk n Text - Mark Andaya (Letran)
9. Purefoods - Boyet Bautista (Letran)
10. Welcoat - Abby Santos (UP)
11. Welcoat - Jireh Ibañes (UP)
12. Coke - RJ Rizada (FEU)
13. Sta. Lucia - Mark Magsumbol (CSB)
14. Coke - Manuel Caceres (PSBA)
15. Coke - Chris Pacana
16. Coke - Mike Gavino (La Salle/UP)
17. Coke - Ronjay Enrile (Letran)
18. Alaska - Christian Luanzon (UST)
19. Red Bull - Magnum Membrere (Ateneo)
20. Purefoods - Ollan Omiping (UE)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Argentina vs France - World Basketball

The World Basketball Championships has already started and I was able to catch the Argentina vs France game. Too bad Tony Parker wasn't here for France since the team got close to Argentina and could've gotten a better run for the "W" if their best point guard was there.

The local channel Solar Sports is showing the games via satellite from 7 to 11 pm. Two games are shown everyday.

Darvin Ham Breaks the Glass

You've ssen Shaq destroy the whole goal and its support. Now see Darvin Ham breaking the glass. Darvin Ham actually came to the Phillipines as an import in early 2006. He only played a few games as his team failed to enter the semifinals.

See More Here!

Shaq Destroys the Basket
Another Backboard Breaker

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ateneo Survives Another Nail-Biter

Ateneo won again against a very tough Adamson squad to go up 7-0. Adamson slowed the game down and disrupted Ateneo's rhythm. Ateneo's biggest lead was only two points the whole game while Adamson held a 10 point bubble in the 2nd quarter and pretty much controlled the whole match.

It was the first game I saw this year that Ateneo didn't have a good second quarter. In almost all their games, they played very well in the 2nd quarter and erected leads that they hold onto for the win.

Here are some video highlights of the match. You have to download them though since it isn't an embedded one from Youtube or from Google Video.

8 Seconds Left
JC Intal Slams

More Ateneo Videos

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Finally Some Good News!

After tasting defeat after defeat in the past few months for the Philipppine training team, we finally won and it came against a legitimate World Basketball participant in Lebanon. We not only got one but two victories in this two game matchup series. Lebanon visited the Philippines and used these games as a tune up for the tournament in Japan. Former La Salle star and current Talk N Text player was the star on both games as his outside sniping proved to be very crucial in the short series.

Game 1: RP 94 - Lebanon 75

Game 2: RP 105 - Lebanon 100

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 - PBA Memories

If yu want to relive those PBA memories of years past, it would be a nice trip down memory lane to visit Actually, I have been visiting the site for sometime now but it was only last night when I discovered what a treasure trove of memories this forum is for PBA diehards in the past. Obviously you won't get videos of games here but the discussions of knowledgeable posters sure fire up the memories. The three threads that is of much interest for me are the following:

MICAA - This was the league to watch prior to the outset of the PBA and it actually started in the 1930s. This league will set the stage for the fiercest rivalry in Philippine professional basketball...Crispa vs Toyota.

Crispa Redmanizers - Were you a Crispa fan just like me? Then this thread will be for you since it talks about the development of this great team. Toyota fans will be interested wiith this as well since Toyota has always been associated with them.

Toyota - The rival of Crispa and the glamour team of the PBA back then. If you want memories of the early days of Jaworski in the PBA, then this is the place to be.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Pistol Pete - The Behind the Back Pass

In our continuing series of Pistol Pete's teaching videos, we would now feature a video about the behind the back pass. This is a drill that you can try out anywhere as long as you have a ball and a friend.

Past Pistol Pete Videos: Career, Lesson 1

Read Pistol Pete's Story

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Peter Aguilar Interview

Peter Aguilar was a former PBA player who went to the United States when his basketball career was over. In this interview I found from the program Ating Lahi and posted at Youtube, he talks about his son, Japeth, and the latter's attempts to play in the US NCAA. He also talks about life in the US and some advice for current PBA players.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

2006 PBA MVP - James Yap

We will start featuring Filipino players here in HoopsTV whenever we found video clips on the net. We will begin with this year's PBA MVP, James Yap.

People outside of the Philippines may know him as the husband of movie star, Kris Aquino, but James Yap is now a PBA MVP and and also was able to lead Purefoods to the All-Filipino championship in just his sophomore year in the pros. He is an amazing scorer and shooter comparable to fellow UE legend, Allan Caidic.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Shaq Destroys The Basket!

You might have already seen this clip before but its nice to post it up here since I've never witnessed somebody wreck a basket like this.

See More Here!
Darvin Ham Breaks the Glass
Another Backboard Breaker

Thursday, August 10, 2006

UAAP - 1st Round Numbers

Ateneo: 6 - 0
UE: 4-2
Adamson: 3-3
NU: 2-4
FEU: 2-4
UP: 2-4
UST: 2-4

Top 5 Player Averages: (Source:

1. Duncil (UST) - 21.4
2. Bono (Adamson)- 20.3
3. Custodio (UE)- 19.7
4. Asoro (NU) -19
5. Cruz (UP) - 18

1. Cruz (UST) - 11.8
2. Hugnatan (Adamson) - 11.2
3. Asoro (NU) - 10.7
4. Bono (Adamson) -10.5
5. Kramer (Ateneo) - 8.8

1. Cuan (UST) - 6.6
2. Escalona (Ateneo) - 5.7
3. Intal (Ateneo)- 5.2
4. Villanueva (FEU) - 4.7
5. Poloyapoy (Adamson) - 4.3

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Andrea Bargnani - NBA's 1st Pick

In case you haven't seen Andrea Bargnani yet, this year's #1 draft pick, here is your chance. He is currently playing in the NBA Summer Leagues but I think very few people watch those leagues so here is a short clip instead.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pistol Pete - Ball Handling Skills

We have featured Pistol Pete before and how good a basketball player he was since he was one of the greatest in the NBA. Today we will start with a series of videos I located online wherein he teaches fundamental and very basic basketball skills. I hope you have fun with these exercises.

Pete Maravich Story on DVD: The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend

Monday, August 07, 2006

And1 vs SlamNation

Streetballers of And1 and SlamNation go head to head in this amazing dunk contest between the two teams.

UAAP MVP Race Leaders

MVP Leaders and Statistical Points

1. Ken Bono (Adamson) - 70.83
2. JC Intal (Ateneo) - 69.83
3. Edwin Asoro (NU) - 68.33
4. BonBon Custodio (UE) - 64.5
5. Jervy Cruz (UST) -64.33
6. Doug Kramer (Ateneo) - 63.33
7. Jojo Duncil (UST) - Disqualified though for the suspension - 59.4
8. Marvin Cruz (UP) - 59.17
9. Mark Borboran (UE) - 59
10. Jonas Villanueva (FEU) - 58.17

Source: Manila Times

First Posted at: Pinoyexchange

Athletes In Action

I was able to catch a replay of the Philippine Team against the Atheletes in Action (AIA) squad representing the US in the recently concluded Jones Cup. The game was a rout as the US squad was simply too much for the Philippines. What was commendable though was how Athletes in Action played on this one. Whenever a Filipino player goes down, an AIA player helps him get back out and utters an apology! In one instance, as the action was heating up and physical plays were happening, Arwind Santos of the Philippine team drove hard and a seemingly dangerous foul was given by an AIA player. Understandably, Santos was mad and confronted the AIA player. The player approached Santos and tried to make peace but what was surprising next was the AIA player was called on the bench by the coach and was heard berating his own player for doing such a thing!

Athletes In Action you see is a basketball team composed of college players in the US NCAA. It is a Christian Ministry Campus Crusade for Christ. They are playing not just to win but also to spread the Word of God. That is why such actions were not appropriate for the coach and for the team as whole. It is to set an example of an attitude to be Christ like, play humbly and cleanly.

Athletes In Action by the way won the Jones Cup by defeating home team Taiwan 79-69.

Get to know more of Athletes In Action

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pistol Pete

My next feature here is a video clip of the late Pete Maravich, one of the greatest players in NBA history. He was a show man from the Utah Jazz during the 1970s. Another reason why I am posting this video is that we will also show some videos of him teaching different basketball skills and techniques in the coming days!

Pete Maravich Story on DVD: The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Iguodala Dunk

Since HoopsTV features basketball videos, then dunk clips will be a staple here. One of the most unforgettable dunk for me happened in the 2006 Dunk Contests. Andre Iguodala didn't win the annual competition but he sure had the best slam of the year!

Friday, August 04, 2006

HoopsTV Video Gallery


We have here all the links to the Basketball video clips I have posted. I do hope you enjoy your stay here. Check out the cool clips, the Philippine basketball scene, great dunks and get some basketball tutorials. We also feature courageous athletes in other sports.

T-Mac vs. Vince Carter
Iverson vs. Wade
MJ vs. Kobe
It Happen's to the Best of Them
First NBA Score
Game Time
Important NBA Questions
English to Spanish
Musical Chairs
The Principal's Office
C'mon Knicks
Teaching Nutrition to Cartoons
It's Back To NBA School Everyone
Garnett vs Everybody
How You Say That
Pick Your Team Mates
Adam Morrison Commercials
Net Dunks The Ball
Two Improbable Finishes
Vince Carter at Rucker Park
How To Make It Big in the NBA If You're Small?
Steve Nash - Football Tricks
Adam Morrison - Inspiring Story
Who He Play for?
Trick Shots 1: Jordan vs. Bird for a Big Mac
2006 World Basketball Championship Highlights
Andrea Bargnani - NBA's 1st Pick
Pistol Pete
Team USA Scrimmage Against Puerto Rico
An Inspiring Basketball Story
Lebron's Long Jumpers - Commercial

Philippine Basketball Clips:
Jimmy Alapag Dunks
PBA Great Moments: the 1989 All-Star Game
UST - 2006 UAAP Champions
UST Forces Game 2
UAAP 2006 Finals Game 1: The Last Second Shot
Larry Fonacier's Story
San Beda at Season 82
San Beda's Sam Ekwe
New Japeth Aguilar Interview
Niño Canaleta - The Best Filipino Dunker Today
Peter Aguilar Interview
2006 PBA MVP - James Yap

What Happens
Interesting Warm-Up
The 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest
Another Backboard Breaker
Darvin Ham Breaks the Glass
Shaq Destroys The Basket
And1 vs SlamNation
The Iguodala Dunk
Do Not Invite Carter and Jefferson to Your Gym
720 or 540 Degree Dunk?

Shooting Three Pointers
Pistol Pete - Ball Handling Skills
Pistol Pete - The Behind the Back Pass
Pistol Pete - Dribbling Skills
Pistol Pete - Shooting Skills
Pistol Pete - Dribbling the Flip Flap Jack
Rick Barry Teaches Freethrow Shooting
Jordan's Freethrow Tips

Courage on the Soccer Field

Team USA Scrimmage Against Puerto Rico

Team USA - Interesting Underdog

As I watch Team USA play Puerto Rico in a delayed telecast of this game, I disagree with Dirk Nowitzki as regards the former being favorites in the upcoming World Basketball Championships in Japan. As you look at the lineup, the team is quite small compared to other squads and the core is quite young. Even the marquee players like Lebron, Carmelo and Wade are still not at the peak of their abilities.

The current USA Team however is interesting because it seems that for the first time, it has the intention of winning as a team and not overwhelm opponents with their talents. The premium is on speed, athleticism and on pressure defense. This rout against Puerto Rico does not indicate anything at all since the latter maybe hiding something at this point.

I think I will cheer for Team USA this year. You gotta love underdogs.

Next Tune-Up Games:
(in Guangzhou, China)
Aug. 7 vs. China
Aug. 8 vs. Brazill

(in Seoul, Korea)
Aug. 13 vs. Lithuania
Aug. 15 vs. Korea

Gilbert Arenas
Kirk Hinrich
Joe Johnson
Chris Paul
Dwyane Wade

Carmelo Anthony
Chris Bosh
Bruce Bowen
Elton Brand
Shane Battier
Dwight Howard
LeBron James
Antawn Jamison
Amare Stoudemire

Brad Miller

Adamson Falcons - Improving Every Game

This has been indeed a great season for Adamson so far. You can sense that there is a form of stability in this squad. I also like the maturity of Bono and Polayapoy. They are playing to their strengths and rarely force anything. Bono I think is having an MVP season. Leo Austria has done a wonderful job as expected by many.

Next year the problem will be is that Austria will no longer be around because of commitments to Welcoat in the PBA. I suggest the following things for Adamson to continue their basketball program.

a. Hire the assistant of Austria so that the program will have some continuity.

b. Have Austria as team consultant. He can concentrate by the time the UAAP gets underway since the PBA will be having their offseason.

c. If Bono still has 1 year left (I think he is in his 4th year since he is in the same batch with Ford Arao of Ateneo), convince him to play one more year. Just to be a big support for the new recruits.

First Posted at: Pinoyexchange

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rick Barry Teaches Freethrow Shooting

In our last segment, we had Michael Jordan giving some freethrow tips. This time we have somebody from the 70s. Rick Barry was a high (very high) percentage freethrow shooter in his day. The way he shoots freethrows has become completely extinct from the present world of basketball. As he teaches his freethrow shooting, he also gives the reasons why this method results in a high percentage clip.

UP Beats NU 95-86 / Adamson Wins over UST 74-62

UP 95 - NU 86: NU stormed to a 16pt lead early in the first quarter as UP started with an all rookie lineup which took everyone by surprise. By the 2nd qtr, UP got back and then the veterans started coming in to build a lead. Joe Lipa, who is back with UP, did a masterful job today as his veterans were always in foul trouble in most of their games. With this strategy he was able to preserve them towards the end game.

ADU 74 - UST 62: UST missed their two main players but it seems that they missed their point guard a lot more. Their point guard was Japs Cuan and he was in sick bay. Without Cuan, UST was a different team. Adamson meanwhile continues to show why they are one of the toughest teams in the tournament. Leo Austria, former PBA player, calls the shots for Adamson while Pido Jarencio is UST's coach.

Current Standings:

Ateneo: 5-0
UE: 3-2
Adamson: 3-2
UST: 2-3
UP: 2-3
NU: 2-4
FEU: 1-4

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Do Not Invite Carter and Jefferson to Your Gym

I don't know if you've already seen this commercial from Nike. Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson in a cool dunk off. You may not want them to visit your gym.

The State of Philippine Basketball

The Philippines is currently suspended by the FIBA and isn't allowed to participate in any international basketball tournament that is sponsored by the FIBA. The suspension was due to too much politicking in Philippine basketball. The story on the reasons why the Philippines is suspended can be read in this Wikipedia article.

Wikipedia Article on Philippine Basketball

Those were the bad news, here are some good news.

- The PBA has taken the initiative to turn into a 2-conference format instead of the usual three to give more time for preparing the national team.

- The PBA has formed a long-term program for participation in international tournaments. Chot Reyes, a PBA champion coach, has been tasked to spearhead this program and we are currently participating in non-Fiba international leagues. We are still losing but at least there is a vision now and a system in participation. Remember again that the program is long-term.

- The other leagues in the amateur ranks have given their support in lending its players.

The World Cup of Basketball

Eventhough the Philippines isn't going to participate in the World Basketball Tournament by FIBA, I am still excited about the games for this league. Team USA has put up a pretty short but interesting squad with only one real center. How will they fair with against their tall counterparts.

We will have commentaries on some of the games that will be featured on Solar Sports , the TV channel which will bring the games to the Philippines.


The Noisiest PBA Offseason

It seems that the Philippine Basketball Association is experiencing its noisiest offseason in recent history. Consider the following events that took place iright smack in the middle of the week.

- Chot Reyes comes back to the PBA and takes over coaching chores for SMB

- Former SMB Coach, Jong Uichico, will go to Ginebra either as head coach or consultant

- An 11-player deal was made that heavily benefitted Ginebra. This event created a howl among non-SMC team coaches indicating that SMC really controls the league. SMC has four teams in the PBA (SMB, Coke, Ginebra and Purefoods)

- Prized Fil-Am sophomore Alex Cabagnot was suspended by Sta. Lucia for breach of contract when he played in a summer league in the US.

- Some Fil-Am rookie draft aspirants cannot pass the appropriate papers in time because of government red-tape thereby affecting draft strategies

And finally this crazy idea... The PBA is contemplating on implementing a three point dunk!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

UAAP Power Rankings - Week 4

Here is my weekly Power Rankings for the UAAP Season 69. This is similar to the format of Illustrated for the the NBA Season.

1. Ateneo - Now after beating UE, they do deserve this top spot. No more arguments here!

2. NU - Yeah they lost to UE but not after almost dragging the Warriors to twilight zone. Then they came back and mangled UST!

3. Adamson - No games this week but their accomplishments in the past merit this top 3 place.

4. UE - Yup they won against NU but it was too scary and then lost their biggest game this week so they are down here.

5. FEU - They finally won one and could be back in the groove!

6. UP - Once again gave it their all but came up short in that FEU game.

7. UST - From No.1 all the way down to No. 7. Big loss to NU after that accomplishment against UE. A win however against Adamson and Ateneo can propel them back to the top of my power rankings.

Power Rankings Last Week:

1. UST
2. Ateneo
3. Adamson
4. NU
5. UE
6. UP
7. FEU

Current Standings:

Ateneo: 5-0
UE: 3-2
UST: 2-2
ADU: 2-2
NU: 2-3
UP: 1-3
FEU: 1-4

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NBA 2006-2007 Schedules Posted has already posted game schedules for the 2006-2007! The first two games will be on TNT and it will be on October 31 (November 1 in the Philippines). October 31 games will feature the much improved Chicago Bulls against Miami while in the second game, the Lakers tries to get back at the Suns.

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