Friday, November 17, 2006

The NBA Pick One Challenge - My Update

As I've told you before, I joined the NBA Pick One Challenge. The general rule is that you can pick one player per game date on any team playing for that day. Your score will be based on the accumulation of points, assists and rebounds of the player you picked for that day. The Catch is you can only a particular once for the duration of the regular season.

As of today I am currently running in 9th place out of a total of 35 participants in the "my_philippines" league. I have a total of 520 points. The poor point production of my early picks kinda affected my rankings. The season is still young so there's still hope for a rally.

Picked players so far:
Raja Bell
Smush Parker
Elton Brand
Lamar Odom
LeBron James
Tony Parker
Tim Duncan
Yao Ming
Dirk Nowitzki
Baron Davis
Allen Iverson
Shawn Marion
Sam Cassell
Dwight Howard
Dwyane Wade
Gilbert Arenas
Tracy McGrady

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