Tuesday, October 31, 2006

NBA.com - Pick One Challenge

Just to get into the NBA mood, I am joining NBA.com's PICK ONE CHALLENGE. It is a simplified version of a fantasy league.

Basic Rule:
1. Pick one player per game day based on the teams who will for that day.
2. You get to pick only a particular player once for the whole season.
3. Points = Points + Rebounds + Assists (Double Points for Rookie of the Week)
Rules in Detail

My Team Name is of course HoopsTV-Blogspot. I joined the "my philippines" league consisted of 12 teams including HoopsTV-Blogspot.

My Picks for the Week:

10/31 - Raja Bell
11/01 - Smush Parker
11/02 - Andre Miller
11/03 - Delonte West
11/04 - Stephon Marbury
11/05 - Jordan Farmar

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