Sunday, September 24, 2006

Game 1: The Last Second Shot


Everybody expected this game to be tough but nobody expected an improbable ending! Ateneo beats UST 73 -72! Watch the last four seconds of the game!

A great example of a game about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. But in your own life if you feel defeated or burdened someone can save you too! READ ALL ABOUT IT!


Jeff Pioquinto,SJ said...

nice youtube do you do it?

Easterangel said...

Hi jeff.

In Youtube, there is an embed code at the right side of the web page. Just copy the code there and paste it in your blogspot post.


lackluster said...

can i ask some favor? i'm really a BIG FAN of the Blue EAgles :)) and unfortunately I have classes this thursday... I hope you can record some clips from the game especially in the giving of awards :)

Easterangel said...

Hi lackluster!

The clips are mostly what I found on Youtube, Google Video and the others. If they can be embedded which means the uploaders are willing to share them then we can post it here. In case I get something, I will post it right away.

Anyway, its still anybody's championship so whatever happens in game 2, if I can find a clip, I will post it here.

Thanks for visiting.