Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Impossible

playingWhenever we hear the words… “He throws up a prayer”, “a desperation heave”, or “He beats the buzzer” in a game broadcast, we can’t help but pay attention. For what we would really want to see is someone do the impossible like someone making

• a last second shot
• a half court (or even beyond half court) shot
• rally from a 20+ point lead and eventually win the game
• an underdog team beating a powerhouse squad
• in recent times an improbable or creative jam in a dunking contest

That is why I love watching a basketball game… you’ll never know when the element of surprise will sprung upon you. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If a half court shot is the only option to win a game then you better take it.

In our lives we have seemingly insurmountable problems as well that throws us in a fit of desperation. Problems in our finances, relationships, etc drives us sometimes to desperation. Sometimes we see the worst of ourselves in these situations and compromise our values.

But just like a basketball player we can also throw up a prayer. We can pray to God to help us in our situation and see God work wonderful things into our lives. The Bible shows us stories of men who took a “desperation shot” in the face of his insurmountable problems. In order to rise to the occasion, they trust in God to deliver them from these challenges. These are two very different stories, one trusted God immediately while the other had some doubts but in the end success was achieved by their faith.

David: The Shepherd Boy

Naaman’s Story

Have faith and hope. You might just get that buzzer beater!

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