Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ateneo Survives Another Nail-Biter

Ateneo won again against a very tough Adamson squad to go up 7-0. Adamson slowed the game down and disrupted Ateneo's rhythm. Ateneo's biggest lead was only two points the whole game while Adamson held a 10 point bubble in the 2nd quarter and pretty much controlled the whole match.

It was the first game I saw this year that Ateneo didn't have a good second quarter. In almost all their games, they played very well in the 2nd quarter and erected leads that they hold onto for the win.

Here are some video highlights of the match. You have to download them though since it isn't an embedded one from Youtube or from Google Video.

8 Seconds Left
JC Intal Slams

More Ateneo Videos

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