Friday, August 04, 2006

Team USA - Interesting Underdog

As I watch Team USA play Puerto Rico in a delayed telecast of this game, I disagree with Dirk Nowitzki as regards the former being favorites in the upcoming World Basketball Championships in Japan. As you look at the lineup, the team is quite small compared to other squads and the core is quite young. Even the marquee players like Lebron, Carmelo and Wade are still not at the peak of their abilities.

The current USA Team however is interesting because it seems that for the first time, it has the intention of winning as a team and not overwhelm opponents with their talents. The premium is on speed, athleticism and on pressure defense. This rout against Puerto Rico does not indicate anything at all since the latter maybe hiding something at this point.

I think I will cheer for Team USA this year. You gotta love underdogs.

Next Tune-Up Games:
(in Guangzhou, China)
Aug. 7 vs. China
Aug. 8 vs. Brazill

(in Seoul, Korea)
Aug. 13 vs. Lithuania
Aug. 15 vs. Korea

Gilbert Arenas
Kirk Hinrich
Joe Johnson
Chris Paul
Dwyane Wade

Carmelo Anthony
Chris Bosh
Bruce Bowen
Elton Brand
Shane Battier
Dwight Howard
LeBron James
Antawn Jamison
Amare Stoudemire

Brad Miller

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