Monday, August 07, 2006

Athletes In Action

I was able to catch a replay of the Philippine Team against the Atheletes in Action (AIA) squad representing the US in the recently concluded Jones Cup. The game was a rout as the US squad was simply too much for the Philippines. What was commendable though was how Athletes in Action played on this one. Whenever a Filipino player goes down, an AIA player helps him get back out and utters an apology! In one instance, as the action was heating up and physical plays were happening, Arwind Santos of the Philippine team drove hard and a seemingly dangerous foul was given by an AIA player. Understandably, Santos was mad and confronted the AIA player. The player approached Santos and tried to make peace but what was surprising next was the AIA player was called on the bench by the coach and was heard berating his own player for doing such a thing!

Athletes In Action you see is a basketball team composed of college players in the US NCAA. It is a Christian Ministry Campus Crusade for Christ. They are playing not just to win but also to spread the Word of God. That is why such actions were not appropriate for the coach and for the team as whole. It is to set an example of an attitude to be Christ like, play humbly and cleanly.

Athletes In Action by the way won the Jones Cup by defeating home team Taiwan 79-69.

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