Thursday, August 03, 2006

UP Beats NU 95-86 / Adamson Wins over UST 74-62

UP 95 - NU 86: NU stormed to a 16pt lead early in the first quarter as UP started with an all rookie lineup which took everyone by surprise. By the 2nd qtr, UP got back and then the veterans started coming in to build a lead. Joe Lipa, who is back with UP, did a masterful job today as his veterans were always in foul trouble in most of their games. With this strategy he was able to preserve them towards the end game.

ADU 74 - UST 62: UST missed their two main players but it seems that they missed their point guard a lot more. Their point guard was Japs Cuan and he was in sick bay. Without Cuan, UST was a different team. Adamson meanwhile continues to show why they are one of the toughest teams in the tournament. Leo Austria, former PBA player, calls the shots for Adamson while Pido Jarencio is UST's coach.

Current Standings:

Ateneo: 5-0
UE: 3-2
Adamson: 3-2
UST: 2-3
UP: 2-3
NU: 2-4
FEU: 1-4

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