Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The State of Philippine Basketball

The Philippines is currently suspended by the FIBA and isn't allowed to participate in any international basketball tournament that is sponsored by the FIBA. The suspension was due to too much politicking in Philippine basketball. The story on the reasons why the Philippines is suspended can be read in this Wikipedia article.

Wikipedia Article on Philippine Basketball

Those were the bad news, here are some good news.

- The PBA has taken the initiative to turn into a 2-conference format instead of the usual three to give more time for preparing the national team.

- The PBA has formed a long-term program for participation in international tournaments. Chot Reyes, a PBA champion coach, has been tasked to spearhead this program and we are currently participating in non-Fiba international leagues. We are still losing but at least there is a vision now and a system in participation. Remember again that the program is long-term.

- The other leagues in the amateur ranks have given their support in lending its players.

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