Wednesday, August 23, 2006

World Basketball Shocker! Lebanon Beats France 75-74

Lebanon wins against mighty France via 75-74 in the World Basketball Championships even if it played without its coach who stayed at the hotel because he was sick. Some will say that France was weakened when Tony Parker was injured but in its very first game, France gave Argentina a very tough time.

Remember that the Philippines swept Lebanon in its two game tune-up match when the latter visited in preparation for its campaign in Japan. Some say that the victories of the Philippine squad wasn't valid since it was a different Lebanese team out there. But upon the checking the lineups that played here and the lineup on the FIBA website for the official stats, this was practically the same team and the usual suspects delivered the telling blows against France. Plus the team we formed was a hastily assembled one and for it to go to toe-to-toe against a battle tested Lebanese unit (even with its second stringers) is already a tough matter in itself since in basketball, teamwork is of utmost importance.

Just goes to show that the Philippines could have had a chance at the World Basketball Championships if not for the disturbing politics that has invaded basketball. Of course it doesn't mean that if they defeated France that we can expect a win also. What the Lebanon win showed is that we can be competitive and with enough practice and support who knows what could happen?

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