Sunday, August 13, 2006

Peter Aguilar Interview

Peter Aguilar was a former PBA player who went to the United States when his basketball career was over. In this interview I found from the program Ating Lahi and posted at Youtube, he talks about his son, Japeth, and the latter's attempts to play in the US NCAA. He also talks about life in the US and some advice for current PBA players.


sonia_butuan said...

i can't forget peter aguilar

i can't forget him....

in His MBA life here in butuan city

it's me Sonia

sonia_butuan said...

hope to see you again peter..

(defiant)conviction said...

heeeyy tito peter is sitting on my couch... right now.... LOL

of course, watching philippine basketball hahaha

orangedejose said...

hii! its orange. remember?? nasa cali ako ngayon! tawag ka sometime when ur free!! mmkay?

661 645 3208

sonia.butuan said...

sorry.reformat cp ko
09186771740 every sat nyt lng ha

yiu kniw...hehehehe

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